Sunday, December 27, 2009


Phil McColeman has found a way to get money for his empty funding announcements: dig for gold! And then take it to Oliver's Jewellers! OHHH YEEAAAAAHH!

Phil might also have been digging to China – he probably would have gotten there faster than Stephen Harper.

Everybody to the YMCA – oh wait, we can't

Remember when your parents promised that Santa would bring you an XBox and then all you got were socks and some fruit? Well that's Christmas for Brant this year.

Two key projects in Brantford were denied funding: the much-needed Laurier-YMCA downtown sports complex, and the Brant Cultural Centre project. We also learned that Mohawk College has only a one-in-four chance of getting funding to take over the old Expositor building. And the much-needed water treatment plant in Oshweken, which should have been built three years ago, has not even been commenced.

Despite all Phil's bragging about being best friends with Aboriginal Affairs Chuck Strahl and Infrastructure Minister John Baird, he has failed to score funding for two key educational projects, and one crucial native reserve project.

It's ironic that in this recent political cartoon, Phil has to wear a nametag because, just like in Ottawa, nobody knows who the heck he is. When Brant's voters realize how much he has promised, and how much he has failed to deliver, he'll probably wish that nobody knows his name in Brantford as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Phil McColeman: Soft On Crime

Phil McColeman regularly sends out taxpayer-funded flyers about how tough he is on crime. Yet in the next breath, he advocates scrapping the long-gun registry in a letter to the editor.

The police consult that registry 8,600 TIMES PER DAY while fighting crime.

These long-guns are the weapons used in the majority of shooting murders in Canada, including 85% of domestic shootings. These long-guns are the majority of weapons seized by police in relation to crimes.

Yes, the long-gun registry is very expensive. But it keeps us safer from gun-wielding criminals. The next time Phil McColeman tells you he's tough on crime, tell him he's a liar.