Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rob Ford / Phil McColeman comparison

There's been a lot of news lately about Rob Ford, and we here at Dump Phil thought it would be a worthy exercise to compare the world-famous mayor with our own Member of Parliament.  So here goes:

Rob Ford
Phil McColeman
Mayor of the City of Toronto
Member of Parliament for Brant
Former labelmaker
Former construction guy
Does not wear glasses
Wears glasses
Lives in the Golden Horseshoe
Lives in Greater Golden Horseshoe
Leader of Ford Nation
Politically closed-minded

In conclusion, we'll let you draw your own conclusions!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Phil Silent on Scandal

Do you hear that?


... that's the sound of silence.

Phil McColeman's silence, to be precise.

Canada is in the midst of a political scandal that goes to the highest levels of government.  Specifically, to the Prime Minister's Office, you know the guys who whip Phil and other MPs into behaving like trained seals with the promise of some obscure committee chair appointment.

Yet Phil McColeman is silent.

You have to wonder: Does Phil represent the people of Brant, or does Phil represent the PMO?  The PMO tried to cover up the fact that Senator Mike Duffy claimed ineligible expenses from the Canadian taxpayers.  Stephen Harper's right-hand man paid $90,000, and the Conservative Party of Canada paid another $13,500 in taxpayer-subsidized funds.  These payments allowed Duffy to "repay" his ineligible expenses, and a Senate committee led by Conservatives whitewashed an investigative report on Duffy's expenses.  This coverup was all done to protect the Conservative brand and Mike Duffy, who was a leading Conservative fundraiser.

Yet Phil McColeman is silent.

Phil must know that there are two possibilities with respect to the Senate scandal:
  1. Stephen Harper is lying.  This is substantiated by the fact that Harper's story keeps changing.
  2. Stephen Harper deliberately ignored the truth.  But willful blindness or recklessness is no defence to a crime.  Harper created the PMO, and he must take responsibility for its wrong and possibly criminal acts.
Yet Phil McColeman is silent.