Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rob Ford / Phil McColeman comparison

There's been a lot of news lately about Rob Ford, and we here at Dump Phil thought it would be a worthy exercise to compare the world-famous mayor with our own Member of Parliament.  So here goes:

Rob Ford
Phil McColeman
Mayor of the City of Toronto
Member of Parliament for Brant
Former labelmaker
Former construction guy
Does not wear glasses
Wears glasses
Lives in the Golden Horseshoe
Lives in Greater Golden Horseshoe
Leader of Ford Nation
Politically closed-minded

In conclusion, we'll let you draw your own conclusions!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Phil Silent on Scandal

Do you hear that?


... that's the sound of silence.

Phil McColeman's silence, to be precise.

Canada is in the midst of a political scandal that goes to the highest levels of government.  Specifically, to the Prime Minister's Office, you know the guys who whip Phil and other MPs into behaving like trained seals with the promise of some obscure committee chair appointment.

Yet Phil McColeman is silent.

You have to wonder: Does Phil represent the people of Brant, or does Phil represent the PMO?  The PMO tried to cover up the fact that Senator Mike Duffy claimed ineligible expenses from the Canadian taxpayers.  Stephen Harper's right-hand man paid $90,000, and the Conservative Party of Canada paid another $13,500 in taxpayer-subsidized funds.  These payments allowed Duffy to "repay" his ineligible expenses, and a Senate committee led by Conservatives whitewashed an investigative report on Duffy's expenses.  This coverup was all done to protect the Conservative brand and Mike Duffy, who was a leading Conservative fundraiser.

Yet Phil McColeman is silent.

Phil must know that there are two possibilities with respect to the Senate scandal:
  1. Stephen Harper is lying.  This is substantiated by the fact that Harper's story keeps changing.
  2. Stephen Harper deliberately ignored the truth.  But willful blindness or recklessness is no defence to a crime.  Harper created the PMO, and he must take responsibility for its wrong and possibly criminal acts.
Yet Phil McColeman is silent.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Phil McColeman, Seal of Approval

Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber recently quit the Conservative caucus because he was tired of behaving like a "trained seal".

Rathgeber said that he was tired of reading statements in the House of Commons that were prepared by PMO staffers half his age. He quit the Conservative caucus so that he could properly represent his constituents in the riding of Edmonton-St. Albert, instead of being a backbencher representing 22-year-old staffers in the Prime Minister's Office.

Some Conservative MPs immediately made statements that they are NOT "trained seals" (which, I'm sure, totally reassured their constituents).

So how does Phil McColeman shape up?

Phil McColeman is the most obedient seal in the entire Conservative caucus!

Let's summarize some of his recent statements in the House of Commons:
And he's just as obedient on Twitter:

And the usual retweets (click on the images to enlarge):

Here are some recent headlines from Phil's website:

Phil McColeman is nothing but a TRAINED SEAL OF APPROVAL for everything Prime Minister Stephen Harper does. The PMO has trained him well.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dump Phil Fan Art

From a fan (of this blog, not of Phil):

Dump Phil McColeman

(click photo to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Will Phil waste YOUR tax dollars on attack ads?

Wow... we've been quiet on this blog for a while!  That's in part because Phil McColeman has been quiet too.

For example, Phil was quiet when some of his Conservative colleagues spoke out against being muzzled by Prime Minister Harper in the House of Commons.  Did Phil join them?  Absolutely not!  Phil is still repeating the same old drivel that is, in all likelihood, written by 22-year-old staffers in the PMO (e.g. see this speech, and this speech, and this speech.... etc. ad nauseam).  In this blog, we have already compared Phil's efficacy as a Member of Parliament to that of a fire hydrant.  For the time being, it appears that neither the fire hydrant nor the Honourable Member for Brant has any intention of changing its inanimate ways.

But on to more exciting matters.  Prime Minister Harper recently announced that you, the hard-working, taxpaying, country-loving citizen, are going to be paying 100% of the costs of a new Conservative Party initiative: attack ads targeting Justin Trudeau.

Your tax dollars at work
Now, we here at this non-partisan blog remember a time when the Conservatives preached respect for the taxpayer, and we applauded that line.  Several Conservative MPs apparently still respect the taxpayer, and have spoken out against using taxpayer dollars to pay for these attack ads.  These MPs are refusing to mail the taxpayer-funded attack ads to their constituents.

The issue facing Phil today is: will he stand with his principled colleagues and refuse to mail out these taxpayer-funded attack ads?  Or is he going to continue to play the part of the fire hydrant, the muzzled MP, and obey the Prime Minister?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spirit of Partisanship Stands Out for 2012

In a recent Expositor article, Phil McColeman said that he felt that the "spirit of cooperation" characterized his behaviour in 2012. Yeah right. That's like saying that Bev Oda's tenure was marked with respect for the taxpayer. Phil's 2012 was marked with the same non-cooperative, nonproductive partisanship that this blog has been documenting for the past four years.

Phil is part of the poison that has enveloped Ottawa over the past few years: the poison of hyper-partisanship. In 2012, Phil regularly insulted non-Conservative Members of Parliament, insinuating that they are somehow stupid or not paying attention. At the same time, Phil readily spread misinformation, such as his constant harping on the fictitious "NDP carbon tax". The degree of partisan rhetoric is so high that Phil's statements often come off as just plain ridiculous.

Phil is rude and disrespectful. He is certainly not cooperative.

We here at Dump Phil, a non-partisan blog, are disgusted by Phil's partisan attacks.

Nearly every one of Phil's speeches in the House of Commons in 2012 was marked by partisanship:
  • Dec 11, 2012: "...the NDP is working to impose a job-killing carbon tax on Canadians that would raise the price of gas, food, electricity and everything else." [NOTE: This is a complete lie - there is no NDP carbon tax]
  •  Dec 10, 2012: "The two propositions by the member need to be in context of the global environment, which, obviously, he is not paying attention to."
  • Oct 23, 2012: "Perhaps this comes as a surprise to the member for Hamilton East—Stoney Creek, but my constituents do not want to pay higher prices every time they make a purchase in order to fund wild new NDP spending schemes."
  • Oct 17, 2012: "While the NDP talks about helping the needy, our government is getting the job done. While the NDP talks about helping the vulnerable, the reality is it has voted against every single measure we have put forward to help these very people." [NOTE: The NDP only voted against these measures because they were bundled into a super-massive omnibus bill]
  • Oct 16, 2012: "One thing that would threaten to undo the success of our small busiess owners is the NDP leader's job-killing carbon tax. The NDP leader's job-killing $21 billion carbon tax would increase the price of everything, including gas, groceries and hydro."
  •  Oct 4, 2012: "The NDP leader opposite can deny it all he wants, but his words are clear. The NDP would hit Canadians with a job-killing carbon tax that would drive up the cost of gas, groceries and electricity."
  • Sep 24, 2012: "The Leader of the Opposition recently dropped by Brantford to smear our local economy. Perhaps I can help educate the NDP leader as he was clearly not aware of how our government's plan is working to create jobs and opportunities all across my riding."
  •  Jun 12, 2012: "This warped view of the NDP members that employers, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations and companies in this great land of ours are somehow the enemy of this country and of workers could not be further from the truth. This is more warped than I have ever heard anybody speak of before. They are the people who hire people, who take the risks and create the wealth. However, my question for the member is this. How does he square this when the people he represents, who are unionized labour, take their pension money and invest it in these corporations of corporate welfare bums for a return on their investment?"
  •  May 31, 2012: "It is interesting that the Liberals like some of the initiatives we are taking and yet they are flip-flopping back and forth."
  •  May 14, 2012: "Let us think of an iPod, not to tax it like the NDP would, ..."
  •  May 10, 2012: "I might mention to the member that in actual fact, if he cares to look at the actual expenditures of government through the budgets..."
  • May 8, 2012: "The NDP leader's choice of the member for Vancouver East as deputy leader is particularly important as it shows who he relies upon the most. We have already demonstrated how his deputy leader is completely out of touch when it comes to getting tough on crime, but that is not the only area where the member opposite has demonstrated poor judgment."
  • Apr 30, 2012: "Our government will stand strong against public sector union bosses trying to pick the pockets of their own members to pay for their outlandish media campaigns and vote themselves hefty pension bonuses."
  • Mar 28, 2012: "Sadly, every investment our government has made to help the most vulnerable Canadians was opposed by the official opposition, and often with the support of the third party."
  • Feb 2, 2012: "Mr. Speaker, that is the fearmongering going on across the aisle. That is what is happening on both the NDP and the Liberal benches as far as creating fear in seniors."
  • Feb 2, 2012: "The Liberal Party would increase taxes no matter what, to raise the tax level to whatever is required at whatever point in time, regardless of the economic consequences and what that would mean to the loss of jobs or the economy at the time. Therefore, it does not surprise me that this is the ideology of the Liberal Party."
  • Feb 2, 2012: "It always amazes me how the NDP opposition wants to stick its head in the sand about the demographics and the fact that we are attempting to look forward as prudently as we, as a government, can..."
  •  Feb 2, 2012: "The fear-mongering coming by the NDP and their Liberal friends will not work." 
I hope that Phil reads these quotes and reflects on what type of politician he wants to be in 2013.