Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Phil Blames the Liberals… again

When he comes under fire for poor performance, Phil McColeman's only response is "Blame the Liberals." In the world according to Phil, there is apparently a vast Liberal conspiracy to destroy him (and this non-partisan blog is part of that paranoid worldview).

Opposition MP John McCallum is planning to use Brant as an example of how the Conservatives messed up their stimulus spending of taxpayer dollars. McCallum read some comments by City Councilor Richard Carpenter in this Maclean's article. Aside from the irony of someone named CARPENTER calling out Phil the self-proclaimed renovation nut, Mr. Carpenter has some valid criticisms (which can be found in this blog post).

Phil's response? "The liberal machine trying to win points to show that the government is wasting government money in Brantford."

Mr. Carpenter was above all that. He responded that he wouldn’t get caught up in “the party politics games."

Actually, Phil & friends have been playing the "Blame the Liberals" card for years. See this post and this post for example. How about actually addressing the accusations next time??

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Phil's Cronies Get Great Perks

Here's a recent letter to the editor in the Expositor:
New job for police chief

Our very recently retired chief of police, Derek McElveny, has been appointed to the National Parole Board. He made no mention of this when he retired just a few days ago, but he surely was aware of the appointment.

He will receive his full, unreduced, pension as a police officer and will receive a handsome salary as a member of the National Parole Board.

He is a very close friend of MP Phil McColeman, a "skiing buddy" who spends much time with Mr. McColeman in New York State.

How much was our MP involved in this appointment? Why did Mr. McElveny not tell us when he retired that he was getting this appointment? Does our MP think it is fair to take steps to ensure his buddies are rewarded with our tax dollars?

Richard Trebilcock

On its face, it looks like Phil is hooking up his buddies with sweet government jobs. If only he could stand up for ordinary Brantfordians with the same degree of success!

(In all fairness, this is a response letter to the editor in Phil's defence. It plays the typical "Blame the Liberals" card without addressing the substance of Trebilcock's original complaint.)

Saturday, October 9, 2010