Saturday, October 29, 2011

Logic? Never heard of it.

Some politicians when making important policy decisions use a mixture of statistics, academic studies, advisory reports and the general public mood at the time. Other politicians base their decisions on isolated anecdotes that go against ALL of the other evidence. Which camp do you think Phil is in?

On October 27, Phil said:
"[W]hen this came before committee, we heard witnesses from the police association. We also heard from individual chiefs from across the country. Some of those chiefs believed that the long gun registry served no specific purpose. Although the police association was involved, chiefs in other areas of the country said that it was not the case in their jurisdictions. Also, front-line police officers, in their basic training, have said that they are told to assume that there are guns inside every door when they go there.

Therefore, the unreliability of information that is not current or updated actually does the opposite. It puts some police officers, were they to rely on the information, in harm's way in terms of this information going forward."
Let me get this logic straight: The majority of police chiefs say they want the gun registry. One or two police chiefs say that the gun registry serves no specific purpose. Therefore the gun registry puts officers in harm's way.

It. Makes. No. Sense.

Why was this man elected to be your voice in Ottawa?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Forgetful Phil Wrongly Accuses Another MP of Lying!

Yesterday in Ottawa, Phil McColeman called another Member of Parliament (MP) a liar. Phil said:
"Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order.

"During question period today, the member for Winnipeg Centre quoted this member as saying something that I categorically did not say. I would like him to table the document that he is referring to where that quote was made, as well as the source and the time that he is referring to for the quote he put forward."
Phil was referring to NDP MP Pat Martin, who had said earlier:
"Mr. Speaker, I have a quote of the member for Brant of April 14. He stated, “The Canadian Wheat Board...should be decided upon in terms of its existence by the farmers themselves in a plebiscite or a vote as to whether it should continue with the mandate it was originally given”."
In all fairness, Pat Martin actually meant April 13th, not 14th.

Well, Phil, do you remember what you were doing on April 13, 2011?  We here at DumpPhil do: you were at the Brant Federation of Agriculture All-Candidates Debate at the Brant Sports Complex.  Here's a video clip (watch 1:28:00–1:28:25):

So we have a video of Phil saying something, then an MP claims that Phil said that very thing, and then Phil calls that MP a liar.  Not very classy!