Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Will Phil waste YOUR tax dollars on attack ads?

Wow... we've been quiet on this blog for a while!  That's in part because Phil McColeman has been quiet too.

For example, Phil was quiet when some of his Conservative colleagues spoke out against being muzzled by Prime Minister Harper in the House of Commons.  Did Phil join them?  Absolutely not!  Phil is still repeating the same old drivel that is, in all likelihood, written by 22-year-old staffers in the PMO (e.g. see this speech, and this speech, and this speech.... etc. ad nauseam).  In this blog, we have already compared Phil's efficacy as a Member of Parliament to that of a fire hydrant.  For the time being, it appears that neither the fire hydrant nor the Honourable Member for Brant has any intention of changing its inanimate ways.

But on to more exciting matters.  Prime Minister Harper recently announced that you, the hard-working, taxpaying, country-loving citizen, are going to be paying 100% of the costs of a new Conservative Party initiative: attack ads targeting Justin Trudeau.

Your tax dollars at work
Now, we here at this non-partisan blog remember a time when the Conservatives preached respect for the taxpayer, and we applauded that line.  Several Conservative MPs apparently still respect the taxpayer, and have spoken out against using taxpayer dollars to pay for these attack ads.  These MPs are refusing to mail the taxpayer-funded attack ads to their constituents.

The issue facing Phil today is: will he stand with his principled colleagues and refuse to mail out these taxpayer-funded attack ads?  Or is he going to continue to play the part of the fire hydrant, the muzzled MP, and obey the Prime Minister?