Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reflection on the Lack of Dumping Phil

Unfortunately for Brant, 30.1% of eligible voters decided to vote for Phil. Sometimes even democracy screws up, even though it's the best system we have.

It was an exciting night, though. Laferriere for a while looked like he was going to have a chance, but then the numbers bounced back blue. Perhaps Laferriere will fight again, next time successfully. Perhaps St. Amand will step aside, accepting that he has served his county and his country well, but that he cannot defeat McColeman again.

We here at DumpPhil.ca will take a break for a little while. But we assure our faithful readers that we will return. And we will not rest until we have exposed Phil McColeman entirely, as an ineffective and clumsy backbencher, as a man who regularly embarrasses Brant during his foibles in Ottawa, as a hard-right ideologue, as someone who won't take responsibility for his mistakes, as someone who takes credit for others' work, as someone who fear-mongers by propagating a "dumb on crime" agenda, as someone who promised to heal the land claims dispute and failed utterly.

7 out of 10 people in Brant do not support Phil McColeman.

No, we will not rest until Brant Dumps Phil McColeman.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Endorsement Time! Pass or PHaIL?

After talking to residents of Brantford, hearing feedback from the debates,  reading the hundreds of emails that we have received since our first post, and after much deliberation, we have JUST decided that it's time to DUMP PHIL!
Even if Harper gets a majority, Phil would still be a muzzled backbencher and a terrible advocate for his constituents.
If Harper gets a minority, Phil would continue to be a muzzled backbencher and a terrible advocate for his constituents.
If the Conservatives lose, Phil would continue to be a muzzled backbencher and a terrible advocate for his constituents.

For plagiarizing letters to the editor, costing the City of Brantford millions of dollar$, trying to kill the gun-registry and send our police officers into situations without crucial informations, vandalizing the Canadian flag with the address of his lame and generic website address, and finally, failing on his #1 priority, land claims, Phil does not deserve a second term in Ottawa as our representative.

Phil has spent his tenure in Ottawa, embarrassing himself:


Advocating for unregistered guns before congratulating our championship-winning Brantford Red Sox...