Friday, April 10, 2009

Tased and ConPHused...

What would happen if somebody had not died? Would they be alive? Would there still be a funeral? Would said person renovate their home?

At the February hearing of the Public Safety Committee on taser use, MPs had the opportunity to see if recommendations had been applied and their results. Our current Member of Parliament, Mr. Phil McColeman brought his palette of skills and experience to this committee.

He asked the insensitive and worst question one could ask at his committee:

"…is it a reasonable question to ask, in a debriefing situation, what the probable outcomes might have been had the taser not been used? "

So, is he asking if such a stupid question is reasonable or, what would have happened if the taser, that caused the untimely and tragic death of Mr. Robert Dziekanski, had not been used???

Commissioner William Elliot of the RCMP has the kindness and patience to not embarrass Mr. McColeman in front of his colleagues and everyone else for such sheer stupidity, kind of like when your parents play Hide-and-Seek with you and pretend that they don’t see you when you’re in plain sight.

Phil’s insensitivity and the inanity of his question was in plain sight that morning and "after McColeman finally winds down his impromptu monologue on what a good idea it would be to include all that wonderful alternate scenario information would be, Elliott has to remind him that, in general, it’s not always a good idea to focus so heavily on speculation although he agrees with the BASIC THEORY behind it."

Commissioner Elliot kindly responded:

“I think it is more appropriate and certainly more common for us to ask our officers to describe the facts and what they perceived, and to record them, and not generally to have them speculate what might have happened otherwise.”

This blog is sincerely embarrassed for Mr. McColeman who ironically had his victory party at the Polish hall in Brantford on election night. This committee is a very important one based on the debate that the taser incident at the Vancouver International Airport has caused. Mr. McColeman is truly out of his depth at this committee, which is a shame. Maybe someone who is familiar with the justice system and its procedures maybe has some law and committee background and who is also an eloquent speaker would have better represented the riding of Brant that morning…

Mr. McColeman thinks that he simply has to show up at Committees and the House of Commons and not put any actual work into being a Member of Parliament. Is Phil for REAL?

We can see why Fil is not in the Phoreign Affairs Committee or Phinance committee…

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