Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visas on Demand; Phil cubre su culo!

After the Harper government decided to make an international incident in their poor handling of their relations with the Czech Republic and Mexico and singling them out in requiring Visas to come to Canada. Phil managed to cover his butt and "save the day". A last-minute intervention by Brant MP Phil McColeman has helped 49 Mexican singers and their escorts land in Brantford last night after almost having their trip cancelled. Almost two months of work went into plans for a children's youth choir from Mexico City to stay in Brantford as part of a swing through Michigan and Ontario. But the itinerary was almost scuttled after the Canadian government announced that Mexicans and Czechs needed visas to enter Canada.

So Phil's government creates an international incident and now they are heroes for not screwing over a Mexican band??? How about the thousands of couples with wedding plans this summer who have to change or cancel their plans due to the lack of notice or travellers who have non-refundable deals to vacation in Mexico? Or students who have to cancel their studies-abroad plans because it takes two to three month to have a temporary Visa issued to them?

Well at least Phil will have a group of tourists who he can give more of his vandalized flags to.

Our visitors will probably wonder why the Canadian flag now has on it and wonder what kind of shameless "idiota" would self-promote himself like that
. Aye carumba!

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