Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cheques and Balances

So it looks like Phil isn't the only MP handing out oversize cheques in a pathetic attempt to buy our vote. The entire country is in an uproar over the fact that Conservative MPs are handing out giant cheques with their names on them. Let's look at the facts:

a) Canada is in a recession, and we do not have much money.
b) Stephen Harper wasted the budget surplus, giving Canada a structural deficit. That means that even when the recession ends, we will still have a deficit.
c) Phil McColeman, and his friends all over the country, are handing out giant cheques like we have money to waste.

If you live in Brant you've no doubt received several taxpayer-funded mailouts from Phil McColeman, bragging about all the spending he's doing. (Same thing if you check out his website).

It's utterly shameless. The money is not there to be spent. We already have an aging population that will put a huge financial strain on this country in a couple years. We don't need irresponsible MPs like Phil McColeman increasing the national debt by spending money that they don't have in a sad attempt to purchase votes.

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