Saturday, October 9, 2010

Phil McColeman: Missing in action AGAIN

Last summer, when the Brantford General Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the country to run out of medical isotopes, a Member of Parliament from British Columbia not Phil McColeman was on the case.

After a report on the infrastructure mess in Brantford made National News, you would think Phil would do something about it, like ask a question during question period.

Phil is too busy fear-mongering about coalitions, lying about the life-saving gun registry and sending out Canadian flags that have his email address on them.

On October 7th, a Toronto MP, John McCallum, rose in the House of Commons to stand up for the Brantford Chamber of Commerce, City Hall and Canadian taxpayers:

Where was Phil? Probably retrieving his briefing binder that he forgot in the cafeteria...again.


PHIL SUCKS said...

Why the hell isn't Phil standing up for us? What a waste of my money.

Brantford resident said...

Boy Phil really got it handed to him!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad John McCallum is full of poorly researched lies. Someone should check their facts...

fordian said...

Mmm-hm, and what specifically are these "poorly researched lies"? I'd like at least one example please.

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