Tuesday, February 15, 2011

McColeman Supports Patronage Senate Appointments

VoilĂ  Senator Mike Duffy. After promising to create an elected senate, Stephen Harper appointed the Conservative-leaning journalist Duffy to the Senate in 2008. Kind of a nice way ($132,300/year) of saying "Thank you" for years of promoting the Conservatives on TV. Here's our own Phil McColeman with the well-fed Senator Duffy:


Brantford Bob said...

I hear the only reason Phil got into politics was so he could influence who gets government appointments. He doesn't want to change the senate!

Ever wonder why he has so many events for high profile, rich individuals????

PHIL SUCKS said...

I agree with Brantford Bob. Time and time again it seems like Phil is just in politics to hang out with big-industry lobbyists and further his own influence. Search for Phil McColeman in the lobbying registry and you'll see how many Big Pharma lobbyists he meets with.

Phil should just resign if he doesn't care about Brant.

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