Saturday, May 2, 2009

Phil McColeman, Ghostwriter

When Phil McColeman came under fire for taking credit for a Liberal funding promise, he could have clarified the issue. He could have written a letter to the editor, or clarified on his misleading website that it was not his Conservatives who initially made the promise.

But no, Phil is clearly above partisan squabbles (when he wants to be, of course). Instead, he sends out his supporters with talking points, posing as normal citizens. Check out this recent letter to the editor:

MP's response bore resemblance to letter

Recently, I wrote a letter exposing that MP Phil McColeman took credit for a Liberal promise to build a new water treatment plant in Oshweken. Then Karen George wrote a response defending the Conservatives, listing several stats to help her case, which The Expositor published as well.

McColeman's office also e-mailed me a response on the issue, and this e-mail was nearly identical to Ms. George's letter. Thus, it is evident that the Conservatives are using so-called "citizen" letters to the editor to spread talking points put out by the Conservative Research Bureau.

If Phil McColeman has something to say in response to accusations levelled at him, he should come out and say it himself, perhaps in The Expositor's editorial section. But sending out "citizens" to write letters on his behalf is misleading and underhanded behaviour, and disrespectful to his constituents and your readers.

Josh Bradford, Brantford

Talk about getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar! The original Ghostwriter helped kids solve crimes; Brant's ghostwriter just spreads political misinformation.

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