Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Phear Mongering on Old Age Security

DumpPhil has already written about Phil McColeman's reckless support for the Old-Age Security cuts in this post and this post. Now, Phil is spreading fear around Brantford just like Scarecrow spread fear around Gotham City.

Here's an excellent letter in the Brant News analyzing Phil McColeman's fear mongering:

Phil McColeman ‘fear mongering’: Brison

Brant MP Phil McColeman was fear mongering in Parliament on Feb. 2 when he said it “is necessary at this point…to reinforce the sustainability” of your old age pension benefits by cutting them.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, experts from the OECD, leading universities and the government itself have all said our Old Age Security (OAS) program does not face major challenges and there’s no pressing need for change.

Canada’s parliamentary budget officer says that Old Age Security is sustainable beyond the year 2082. Payments today cost 2.4 per cent of our national GDP. When the boomers max out in 2031, that percentage will climb to 3.1 per cent, but then drop off again.

Conservatives like Phil McColeman are really trying to raid your retirement savings to pay for their extreme ideological agenda.

They say current seniors won’t see their benefits cut, but they aren’t saying anything about tomorrow’s seniors – hard working Canadians who have based their retirement plans around having old age pensions available to them.

The fact is that more than half of old age pensions go to seniors earning less than $25,000 year.

Canadian workers have paid taxes their entire careers expecting that these benefits will be available to them when they turn 65.

Raising the age for OAS will mean that some will have to stay longer in the workforce, whether they’re physically up to it or not.

Seniors’ poverty rates could rise by one-third.  That’s just not right – not in a successful country like Canada.

Scott Brison, MP
Liberal Party of Canada finance critic

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Thomas L. said...

Phil has his gold-plated MP pension so why should he care about a few poor seniors. Talk about fear mongering I'm afraid of him making seniors live in poverty!

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