Saturday, October 6, 2012

Phil McColeman, our National Embarrassment

On Canada's national broadcaster, the CBC, Phil McColeman again embarrassed Brant. For those of us who thought that his vote for the anti-choice movement had signified a break from his Dear Leader Stephen Harper, we were mistaken.

Phil McColeman yesterday spilled this ultra-partisan vitriol in the most hallowed forum we call the House of Commons:
It's embarrassing.

First of all, Phil totally exhausted that whole "carbon tax" rhetoric in the 2008 election.

Second of all, Phil, do you really not care about the environment that much? You have kids. Do you really want your children to grow up in a world that you not only you did nothing to protect, but  in which you fought to defeat those who sought to protect it? Do you want them to drink that dirty water, to breathe that dirty air? Are you willing to pay that price, for partisan politics?

Thirdly, the NDP is only seeking to implement the same cap-and-trade system that your very own party, the Conservatives, argued in favour of in 2004 and 2008. You argued for cap-and trade while you were demonizing St├ęphane Dion for his carbon tax.

So… how does it feel to be a puppet of the hyper-partisan twenty-one year olds who run Stephen Harper's office?

And by the way, Mr. MP, you also embarrassed Brant in the Huffington Post (not a real newspaper, but read by many) and Canada's number one political source, Maclean's Magazine.

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