Sunday, May 17, 2009

Phil McColeman, most spoonfed MP in the history of Western Democracy?

Since it has been revealed that Phil McColeman has used Conservative talking points in letters to the editors under other peoples' names and also to deal with his concerned constituents, this should come as no surprise: for Constituency week Consevative MPs have been sent home with scripted talking points for their constituents and local media. You can obtain a copy, HERE, without having to get elected as a Conservative MP like Phil.
This is beyond pathetic, Phil has not come up with one original thought since being elected. He has even snapped his fingers and requested a project from city hall, Monday's issue carried the story of Phil McColeman inviting city council to put together a high-profile project as soon as possible that could be ready to go just as soon as funding is approved from a federal program.

The fact that Phil has to be managed like a child would be embarassing if Mr. McColeman had any shame left. All the letters to the editor from December and January concerned with Mr. McColeman's lack of spine and original thought process was merited and has been validated.
The "Dummies Guide to Politics for Dumb Conservative MPs" covers various topics like the global econmic downturn, the Conservatives' economic action plan, the gun registry, crime reform, swine flu and the success of the Liberal Party of Canada under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff.
In anticipation of Phil's predictable nature and his upcoming badmouthing of Mr. Ignatieff, I suspect that Phil has never read a book by any of Foreign Policy Magazine's top 100 Intellectuals, a group that includes Mr. Ignatieff . I think Phil should challenge himself and come up with one original criticism, or he can solicit advice from high school kids, , maybe the young adults will give Mr. Ignatieff a more original insult than "Mr. Smartypants"...

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