Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phil Gets a Reality Cheque

Phil McColeman, who has shown an amazing lack of imagination in the past, has been called out along his Pork-Barrel Propaganda Parade for using the same oversized cheque at every single event. Read on…
Given the number of spending announcements at which the giant cheque has appeared, we figure, to use a hockey metaphor, we have a save percentage of over 90% -- as in, we've saved our readers from seeing this ridiculous prop that often.

Adding to the oddness is that it's the exact same cheque taken from announcement to announcement and doctored to suit the particular project.

As for the giant cheque, perhaps it could make a few fundraising appearances on its own, maybe even raise some money to help reduce the deficit that will result from all this free spending.

This last point is so funny I want to cry: we're going to be paying off Phil's follies for a long, long time.

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Mark G. said...

When will our MPs and government wake up and realiz they can't keep this spending going forever?

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