Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phil's Funds Fall Flat

Remember that time Phil McColeman promised truckloads of money for Brant? And then he couldn't figure out what to spend it on so he asked city council to come up with an idea? And then city council decided they wanted to fix up the roads? Remember that?

Well promise made, promise broken. It turns out the money won't be coming after all – Phil and the Conservatives only want to spend money on things that make for good photo-ops and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. It is painfully clear that Phil and friends think of Brantfordians as chumps who can be bought off with propaganda and a few strategically-placed taxpayer dollars. (That's pork-barrelling, by the way.)

In other news, there are less and less jobs in Brant every day.

In even more news, Phil came under criticism for continuing to do nothing about land-claims issues. So much for his "number one priority" last election! Well lucky there's another election coming this fall…

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