Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Phil's spending money like a "drunken sailor"

This recent letter to the editor is right on point with respect to Phil's Pork-Barrel Parade:

I see that Coun. Richard Carpenter has moved a resolution thanking Brant MP Phil McColeman for "looking into other funding methods."

Coun. Carpenter seems to have forgotten that there is really only one source of funding, and that is the taxpayer. This is the same councillor who was properly critical of our MP for not getting funding for our main need, roads and bridges.

The real question to ask is one that Mr. McColeman hasn't answered. Who is going to get the country out of the massive deficit hole that the Harper government has dug for us? The deficit is now $56 billion. MPs are spending our money like drunken sailors and taking credit for it. Is he also taking credit for the huge deficit that will be passed on to us and to our children? Not a word from him on that.

Tell your constituents, Mr. McColeman, how the deficit will be paid off. If you can't do that, then stop spending our money and taking all the credit for it.

Chris Melling, Brantford

I'll tell you how the deficit will be paid off: by a future non-Conservative government that believes in responsible spending!

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Blackbeard Phil said...

Drunken' sailors are more responsible and leave enough change for cigarrettes or snacks while on a spending spree...

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