Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dissatisfied Citizens

There have been some real zingers in the Expositor lately regarding Phil and the Conservatives. Here's a sampling:

Cost of McColeman's Advertising

Dear Editor,

I read that Members of Parliament have chosen not to disclose their office expenses, which total millions of taxpayer dollars.

Of course, an individual MP can disclose his/her expenses and our MP Phil McColeman should do so as a matter of integrity.

He has spent a lot of money advertising himself, which is not the purpose of his office budget. Many ads have been paid for by us, as taxpayers, ads which show Phil's and/or name - coffee with the MP, skating with the MP, eat pork with the MP, not to mention his website at the bottom of the flag.

Tell us,Phil, how much of our money have you spent advertising yourself? We want to know before the next election.

Nic Coivert

You tell 'em Nic! Here's another letter about how McColeman's Conservatives are wasting our money more generally:

PM showing his true colours

The federal Conservative government has been fairly successful in hiding their puppet-master behind a curtain of secrecy and deceit. Glimpses of the wizard, however, are beginning to show as the curtain flaps in the wind. We are beginning to see some instances of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's views on issues like women, retirees, the arts, the environment and justice. It's not that he is trying hard to be open, it's just that his slip is showing. Here are a few actions that point to the course he is tacking.

* Scrap a national day-care plan that would allow more women to go to work and pay income taxes vs. $100 a month, which doesn't even cover the cost of diapers and wipes.

* Scrap the long-gun registry, even though the evidence shows long guns were used in 40% of domestic violence homicides prior to its implementation-now reduced to 15%.

* Scrap the promise to not tax income trusts, causing retirees to lose millions of their invested retirement funds.

* Scrap the Kyoto accord whilst denying climate change, tarnishing Canada's international image.

* Scrap the promise to reform the Senate, all the while stacking the Senate with Tory appointees.

* Scrap major features of Corrections and Conditional Release Act to allow for longer sentences for inmates at a cost of up to $100,000 a year per inmate.

* Feign indignation about a lax parole system even though the National Parole Board is now stacked with conservative patronage appointments.

*Feign surprise that inmates over 65 years of age receive pensions. The government has had four years to figure things out.

Soon, the wizard will be revealed on full display in living colour, pulling strings and manipulating the smoke and mirrors to try to obscure the rest of his agenda, including Canada's role in the torture of Afghan prisoners, abortion and family planning.

Rick Trebilcock, Brantford

It's time to change, and that change can't come too soon!

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Anonymous said...

Phil won't disclose his expenses because he spent money on a bunch of flat-screen TVs for his constituency office.

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