Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sometimes people who don't write for this blog make excellent comments about Phil McColeman. Check out this following letter to the editor:
Caring not enough for MP

After reading Blaine Field's letter "McKay, MP make him proud" (Nov. 16) it makes me want to share my thoughts on the subject of our MP's responsibility and obligations.

I totally agree with Field's comments about our MP's character, but character is only a small portion of their job description. Phil McColeman is a well-liked individual of our community but the job goes deeper than being kind, caring and well-spoken. I would guess at least a third of our community could do the same effort that Mr. McColeman has done for us.

It just seems to be that our political leaders are catering to the higher society of our region because that's where the votes are. But you look at the obstacles our city is facing over the past decade like poverty, homelessness, unemployment, with addiction and mental illness at the all-time high. Do you know about 1,000 people frequent one addiction clinic per day, plus the food bank users are at an all-time high?

It is unfortunate that our middle-to low-income families rarely vote because of depression and other problems.

The day our Mr. McColeman steps up to the plate and represents all the people of this fine city is the day I will be the first to shake his hand.

Part-time politicians are not acceptable with the many challenges we face today. Just a few thoughts to consider. Let's stay positive.

James Hildebrandt
This letter helps explain why Phil has his office in the green pastures of the north end, far from the grime of downtown, or the toil of the West End. It's hard to stay positive, James, when you have an MP who doesn't seem to care about most of his constituents.

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