Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What exactly are Canada's foreign policy principles?

To a question about Canada being denied a seat on the UN Security Council, Phil McColeman had this response:
Our government makes foreign policy decisions based on what's right and on the principles that Canadians hold dear. These positions may not always be the most popular with some members of the UN, however we will not apologize for doing what is right.
Great work, once again parroting the party line without even understanding what it means. What ARE the principles that Canadians hold dear? Making a fool of ourselves on the international stage? Letting the rest of the world take care of funding for needy Africa? Being so belligerant in the Middle East that we get kicked out of the United Arab Emirates? Refusing to fund maternal health programs??

And by the way, Mr. McColeman, Canada's current position is not just unpopular with some members of the UN; Canada's position is evidently unpopular with most members of the UN. Yes Canada should stand beside Israel. But we could help out Israel a LOT more if we had a seat on the Security Council.

Maybe Defence Minister Peter McKay can explain what Canada's foreign policy principles actually are when he visits Brantford next week.

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