Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Understatement Of The Year

A couple weeks ago this blog posted about Phil and land claims. Last election, Phil had said that land claims was his "number one issue". More recently, Phil was quoted as saying,
"[Land claims] has been my priority, though some may dispute that."
And the award for understatement of the year goes to… Phil McColeman! Here's at least one reason to dispute Phil's claim: As of today, his campaign website makes not one single mention of land claims.

Number one priority? More like number one failure.


Josie said...

I was looking for our candidates campaign websites and I stumbled onto this one. I've been looking through for about half an hour now and I basically want to throw up. Have any of you ever met Mr. McColeman? He is an honest, caring, hardworking man and whether or not you agree policies, it is clear how hard he is working for his community. How do you sleep at night? These attacks are so personal it is disgusting. You even posted a photo of his battered face after an obvious accident or fall and attack him on it. This is such a sad display. No wonder you insist on remaining anonymous. I would be ashamed too.

Josie said...

And on another note, I can only assume that this is being run by liberals because if not you would be attacking Lloyd St. Amand on land claims, not Phil. If you go to his website, which I have, you'll see that Phil has already helped settle the biggest land claim in Canadian history in less than 2 years as MP. We all know that the reason Six Nations hasn't had the same results is because they are divided and impossible to negotiate with. Look at what is happening with Chris Friel on a simple consultation agreement for crying out loud! And where's the attack on lloyd and his liberal governments pathetic record on land claims? 13 years and no results, ditto for Lloyd in 5 years as MP. He says we need to develop timelines in his article to get results... good luck with that

No Way Josie said...

Josie, two things!

We thought Phil's explanation of how he fell at a bar was "interesting" see this line, .

How exactly did Phil solve the biggest land claim in Canadian history? Phil has not mentioned land claims as an MP, he's not even on the Aboriginal Affairs Committee!

Your claims don't pass the smell test, Josie. The Caledonia situation started shortly after Stephen Harper cancelled the Kelowna Accord.

fordian said...

Josie, thanks for your comments. As always comments and debate are encouraged on this blog.

In answer to your query, this is how I sleep at night: I remind myself that politics is a tough game and that Phil McColeman knew that going in. The Conservatives changed the rules of the game in the 2008 election when they ran a campaign based on brutish misleading attack ads and fear mongering. It's what I like to call fear 'n' smear politics. At least what this blog is doing is based fully in fact.

Phil McColeman is not as innocent as you might think. He too displays a highly partisan and aggressive style of politics. Just look on Youtube or his own website for videos of his baseless attacks on e.g. Mark Holland. Phil has been forced to apologize for his partisan attacks not once but twice (see and )

Phil might come across as a nice guy. Heck he might even BE a nice guy a lot of the time. But he is not a good politician. We have documented his repeated partisan attacks -- for examples see,, and

Finally, Josie, please keep in mind that this blog is attacking Phil McColeman not as a PERSON but as a POLITICIAN.

Anonymous said...


Keep telling yourself that.... and I'm sure that Phil will sleep well at night knowing that nobody takes this website seriously and anyone who sees the childishness of the LIBERAL campaign team on here will probably be MORE inclined to vote for him, not less.

Perhaps you should study your arguments before making accusations. Follow this link to Phil's story on the largest land claim settlement in Canadian history, in his riding, on his watch, which was compensation for basically all of present day Toronto

And what's Lloyd's record on land claims? If you are upset that Phil has only settled the largest claim in Canadian history and is in the process of deepening his good relationship with the Chief and members of the band council, and you think that this is not enough in only 2 years as a rookie MP, then you must be DISGUSTED with Lloyd's pathetic record here.

What is the dump phil position on Lloyd's land claim record? As far as I know, six nations wouldn't even talk to him and the Liberal Government basically gave up on claims and told six nations "go ahead, take us to court". Please, I would like the non-partisan dump-phil team (IE the Lloyd St Amand Campaign team) to tell us their position on lloyd's record. I am anxiously awaiting your response
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fordian said...

Anonymous, the admins didn't delete your posts. The website's automatic spam filter caught it -- no lie. If you don't believe me, why would we let you post the comment the 8th time after deleting it the other 7?

I will address your concerns, as hyperbolic and directionless as they may be. First of all, criticizing the Liberals for their track record doesn't mean that Phil is a good MP. He isn't.

Second of all, Lloyd St. Amand has no more to do with this website than Elvis Presley. Nor does Marc Laferriere or Nora Fueten. For that reason alone I will not address your criticisms of the Liberals. This is not a Liberal blog. This is a blog analyzing Phil McColeman's performance as the Member of Parliament for Brant.

Third and most importantly, Phil McColeman, contrary to your assertion, did not "settle the largest claim in Canadian history". You are referring to the deal with the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. That was not a "land claim" in the proper sense of the term. It was a Specific Claim that related to promises of compensation for a land purchase -- i.e. it related to payment of money owed. That deal was in the works since the late 1980s. And Phil himself had nothing to do with it -- it was negotiated by a bunch of bureaucrats.

Now when I say "land claims" I am referring primarily to the ongoing Six Nations standoff in Caledonia, which started shortly after Stephen Harper cancelled the Kelowna Accord. That is a proper Land Claim issue -- i.e. the Band wants land and not money. For obvious reasons the Six Nations demands are far more complex to negotiate than the Mississaugas payment. During the last election Phil said that land claims would be his #1 issue. Since then there has been ZERO progress made on the standoff.

And just as a footnote, the largest land claims settlement in Canadian history was the Nunavut Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement of 1993.

Brant Voter said...

Zing! Anonymous just got served. I voted for Phil thinking he was serious about land claims, never again!

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