Thursday, May 7, 2009

If you're happy to be sitting in the front row CLAP YOUR HANDS!

On Wednesday, May 6th our Member of Parliament from Brant had the chance to keep one of the front seats in the House of Commons warm, he had a chance to sit next to his main man, Chucky S!
From what I could see, Chuck could not get a word in due to the loud, excessive clapping when anyone said a word on Phil's part...
I truly doubt that they discussed land claims or the standstill in Caledonia.
Phil showed off quite a number of different claps, such as: the Sonic Boom Clap, the rapid clap and interpretive dancing with his hands (for a minute I thought he was trying to use sign language like the lady in the upper right corner). Is this REALLY why we sent a member of the government side to Ottawa from Brant? Enjoy, the picture gallery goes really good with the music from the Youtube video.
If we average out his $155 000 salary by the claps he has probably done this parliamentary session, Mr. McColeman is working for less than the Ontario minimum wage during the 45 minutes that is Question Period...


Stan said...

Phil has a bad case of the claps!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!

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