Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Phil McColeman's unFLAGging disrespect for Canada...

Almost a year ago Phil McColeman pissed off a whole town by vandalizing the Canadian flag. We have not seen such shameless advertising since Ashley Madison decided to promote her business. Phil is not one to learn from past mistakes, or admit to them.
See below:

Phil is going to see if he can generate even more bad press.

Phil fails to realize that the Canadian flag is not the ideal location to self-promote one's generic website which barely gets more views than this blog. Try googling "Phil McColeman" and you'll see that THIS blog is hot on its heels for Google search supremacy!


Anonymous said...

So he's advertising himself again this year?

Outrageous. He's gotta go.

BT said...

i agree. NO MORE PHIL. Its time we got new representation in Ottawa!

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