Monday, March 28, 2011

Phil Finally Decides to Communicate with Constituents

Phil McColeman was elected to office in 2008 and only  three years later has decided to start a Twitter account. Most other politicians have used Twitter for ages as a quick and effective way to communicate with the public.

Phil should have started using Twitter long ago. All competent politicians did. It's only now that it's election time that Phil has decided to use this tool to communicate with Brantfordians.


Deane said...

Don't you feel your efforts here would be of more substance if you weren't hiding behind anonymity ?

After all, we who comment on your writings are asked to identify ourselves....shouldn't you be offering the same courtesy ?

Just a thought.

fordian said...

Deane, that's incorrect. You are free to comment as "Anonymous".

The identity of the blog writers has no bearing on the substance of our arguments. We use hyperlinks to indicate the veracity of all of our facts. All you need to know is that (a) we're from Brantford, and (b) we don't like Phil McColeman's performance as MP.

fordian said...

Thanks for your insightful comment, Gary. I'm glad that you took the time and effort to rebut our carefully crafted arguments by spewing vitriolic nonsense.

Phil McColeman is not a competent Member of Parliament. This blog offers proof, which is far more than you've offered up.

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