Monday, March 28, 2011

Phil Phakes Phamily Tax Cuts

As mentioned before in this blog, Phil brags about helping Canadian families. But the Conservatives will give tax cuts to large corporations right now while waiting FIVE YEARS before giving tax cuts to hard-working families.

This is a non-partisan blog (although obviously we don't like Phil McColeman). However sometimes a politician has a quote so good that we can't not repeat it. From Michael Ignatieff:
"It's like, if you come up to a family and you say, 'I've got good news. First, I'm going to cut taxes for the biggest and most profitable corporations in the country. And then maybe in five years, if you take a ticket and you're patient and you vote for us a couple of times, come back in five years and we'll do something really great for you’"
Phil helping families? Don't buy it for a second.

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Crazy Bob said...

Pretty dumb promise. Harper would have to get elected twice for it to happen.

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