Friday, February 24, 2012

Phreedom 67

Here's a great cartoon from the Brant News. It features Phil pretending to care about seniors, while at the same time slashing their Old-Age Security benefits, and hiding his gold-plated MP pension behind his back:

Ironically, Phil just announced that he was in fact holding a town hall on OAS this week. However, he did not post the time and date of the event on the "events" section of his website, and only buried the details at the bottom of a press release, where he only gave one day's notice!!! He clearly did not want many people to attend the event other than his cronies who already knew about it.

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PHIL SUCKS said...

I hope Phil enjoys his nice pension while my Grandma scrounges for money so she can afford to get by. She can barely afford anything since Grandpa died, and he was a veteran!

Phil, you've done some pretty awful things for our community, but this really takes the cake.

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