Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't Trust Phil's Claims on Land Claims

During the last election campaign, Phil promised to get something done about land claims. “Land claims are my number one issue”, he said. More recently Phil promised,
“We are shortly going to be sitting back down with our partners to work out that strategy,” he said. “A brand new negotiating strategy that will bring results.” 
What are those results? "Canada appears to be playing a cat and mouse waiting game with Six Nations land rights that could end up seeing more protests launched say people close to the stalled talks."

Obviously Phil is not living on this planet. He'll say anything to get votes, whether it's true or not!


Fabrizio said...

Number one? Maybe number n is more appropriate, but even algebra won't help you define Phil's policy goals. PMO is number 1 all the time and that's what matters. What about Brantford's needs?

PHIL SUCKS said...

How many things have we heard Phil say are "his priority"? If you have 100 "priorities", you have none.

Brantford ex-pat said...

I just did a quick search on openparliament.ca. It looks like Phil has never ever even mention land claims in the House of Commons. Why did we even send him there again?

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