Monday, March 7, 2011

Who would make a better Conservative MP: Phil or the fire hydrant outside his office?

After reading frequent letters to the editor by Mr. Ben Ayles, one would think that anyone, including the yellow fire hydrant outside his Park Road North office, would make a better Member of Parliament than Phil McColeman.

McColeman in the Dark?
Brantford Expositor
Letter to the Editor by Benjamin Ayles
Posted 13 hours ago

Now Phil McColeman may be in the dark in Ottawa but what can you expect from a guy who once made his living pouring concrete. That's what we need in Ottawa, more plain talk and less thought, that will do just fine. Brant doesn't need St. Amand's smooth ways and fine talk, we need rough hands and someone who will let Mr. Harper make the decisions. So Mr. McColeman may be in the dark but Harper is bright enough for both of them.

Here are some other gems:

Defending Phil McColeman
Brantford Expositor
Letters to the Editor

In response to the letters sent responding to my earlier letter, "McColeman Not So Bad," I just have to say not to worry about Phil coming in a little under the mark MP wise because he has a leader who can answer questions for him.

Does anyone think Ignatieff would do that for Lloyd St. Amand? And of course I realize that we are Canadian, not American, but I'm with the Harperites who declare that unfettered capitalism combined with a Republican laissez-faire attitude is the right way to deal with Canada's economy. America has obeyed that most of the time and look at what a great country it is.

I support Harper's mirroring of ex-president Bush's policy, and I'm pleased Phil does, too.

Ben Ayles Oakland


MP Phil McColeman is not so bad
The Paris Star

To the Editor:

I've been hearing a lot of complaining about MP Phil McColeman's inability to think and speak freely about local Brant issues, but I don't see that as a problem, really.

It doesn't take a whole lot to be a MP these days with all the technology we got, and with a leader like we have in Ottawa we're better off leaving decisions to the Prime Minister's office.

I like the direction Canada's going in, selling off Federal assets and corporations is the right thing to do, limiting access to abortions in the third world countries I also agree with, even the end of the long form census.

We should be modifying government by increasing its military and security presence, this is the strength of America, and I am pleased that our MP so wholeheartedly supports this direction as well. I don't mind that Harper speaks for McColeman since it is Harper that has come up with Conservative policy, not the MP's.

Thanks for knowing your limits Phil.

Ben Ayles,

Brantford, Ont.


Anonymous said...

I hear that Phil plans on presenting a motion in Parliament that will require all fire the hydrants in Brant to be painted grassy green each April and then painted snow white each November.

He estimates this will create 20 to 30 jobs twice a year.

Brantford Bob said...

I bet Ben Ayles is a pen name for Phil. He wants everyone in Brant to know that he is nothing but a rubber stamp for everything king Harper says.


Angry Taxpayer said...

Welcome to Jerk Town, population: Phil McColeman.

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