Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did Lazy Phil bother to read his party's platform this time?

Sadly this is a REAL question that needs to be asked:

"I HAVE NOT READ THE PLATFORM, IT'S SOOO NEW" - Phil McColeman, 2008 election debate

Phil also promised to e-mail the platform to someone who asked for a hard copy, not only did Lazy Phil not read his party's platform but he also does not know how to use a printer!

A reader spotted this image from yesterday's debate on the Brant News website, Phil with a giant debate binder full of notes in block letters:

Potential rebuttal from Lazy Phil: "I still haven't read the platform from the last election, so what do you expect?"


ReformNeeded said...

Whoever writes this clearly doesn't know how it works. Phil doesn't matter - all that matters is that if we elect Phil we get Harper. Harper will finally give us the private health care that we want and cut the fat from the government.

$11 billion? We should cut way more. Get rid of the damn nanny state. Lower everyone's taxes. Give everyone more choices. Make sure I stop subsidizing poor people and inefficient businesses.

This is what a majority government can do. This is why we have to elect Phil. Not because of the BS platform that doesn't really matter.

Jimbo said...

Re: Reform needed. You want to "stop subsidizing poor people" you really should leave Canada and society in general. The reason people live in communities is to help one another and work toward collective progress to better everyone. You don't want to play nice and cooperate- GTFO!

Dump Phil and his nasty haters as they don't believe in Canada, they don't believe in community

creepybutnotascreepyasyou said...

you have creepy people reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

phil sounds lazy

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