Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stay Anonymous Or Get Kicked Out

If you comment on this blog you probably shouldn't leave your real name. If you do, you might one day find yourself in a similar situation as this young politico:
Joanna MacDonald, a fourth-year environmental sciences student at Guelph University, says she pre-registered for Harper's election campaign event at the school Monday.

But after arriving with a friend, MacDonald says she was directed to a desk where she was told her name had been flagged and she was asked to leave.…

She demanded to know why she was being flagged. An unidentified official eventually told her it was likely because she had participated with the Sierra youth coalition on climate change at the Cancun conference last December.
If going to a climate change conference is sufficient to get you booted onto the street, leaving your name on this blog might end you up in a dark alley with a Conservative staffer ready to rearrange your face.

At the very least you'll wind up like this citizen, who recounts his experience from the 2008 election:
He will fight ticket

The Brantford Expositor, Wed Oct 15 2008, Page: A8

On Friday, Oct. 10, I went to Patriot Forge on Henry street to see the arrival of Stephen Harper and I was directed to park my car beside about 100 other cars on the lawn in front of Patriot Forge's main entrance. I was not asked if I was on the Conservatives' registration list or if I had been invited to be there for the visit of the Prime Minister.

While waiting at the arrival area, I had the opportunity to converse with Craig Oliver, a national TV reporter whom I have met on occasion at the National Press Club in Ottawa. I mentioned to Oliver and some other people standing near me that I intended to ask Harper why we needed a $300-million election one year before an election date mandated by Harper. I then was approached by three police officers and was asked to leave the premises. I responded that I intended to ask my question to the Prime Minister and therefore intended to stay.

At that point, I was removed from the property and I was given a trespassing to property ticket ($65).

There were no signs at the entrance to Patriot Forge prohibiting or restricting access to the property if you were not invited or a member of the Conservatives.
I intend to go to trial and fight this charge.

Gord Allan, Brantford
So basically, if you have ever in your life expressed an opinion different than Stephen Harper and Phil McColeman's, don't go to the Harper event in Hamilton on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Just a lame justification for your own namelessness and facelessness relative to this blog. The basis for this post is a 3 yr old letter to the editor ? Really ? Lame.

Deane said...


Sort of ironic that an anonymous commenter just assessed the work you're doing here as being poorly done. Perhaps now you know how Phil feels ?



fordian said...

Hello again Deane -- I am not upset by the disagreeing reader using anonymity because it is the very approach that I suggested.

Anonymous 6:36, the evidentiary foundation for the latest entry is (a) a newspaper article published yesterday, and (b) one citizen's experience from the last time Harper visited Brantford. Don't worry about my identity -- worry about Phil undermining democracy by only letting Conservatives access the political process.

Doubtful Dan said...

It's not Fordian's fault that Stephen Harper only visits every three years.
Anonymous, is it your position that Stephen Harper should organize the rest of his events similar to an elitist hip-hop nightclub with VIP lists with less popped collars?

anonymous user name has been taken said...

So the Conservatives used our tax money to send that Bruce Carson crony, who has five fraud convictions and an escort girlfriend, to Cancun but won't let a university student attend a Conservative rally because she went to Cancun?

This obviously isn't directly Phil's fault, but if I don't hear him publicly denounce this as the dumbest, most hypocritical double standard ever, then there is simply no way I, in good conscience as a patriotic Canadian citizen, can vote for him.

Newly Annonymous said...

It's too bad I can't use my name on this blog anymore for risk of being targeted by Harper.

How much more will our democracy errode if Phil and his democracy hating leader is re-elected?

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think that unless you support the Conservative Party of Canada and have no other political affiliation, then the Conservatives will listen to you. Otherwise, get out, we don't care about the rest of Canada (aka the other 63.73% of the population, who didn't vote for him in the last election).

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