Friday, April 22, 2011

Phil Does the Time Warp

The other day Phil was talking to his boss. He asked his boss to give him credit for doing a good job on a project. The boss responded that the project had been completed before Phil was even hired.

That's basically how the Chamber of Commerce all-candidates debate went down on Wednesday. Phil tried to take credit for funding a new water treatment facility in Ohsweken. Well we here at were naturally suspicious of this claim, so we did a little digging and found this press release:

The funding was ANNOUNCED IN 2005, THREE MONTHS before Stephen Harper became Prime Minister, and a solid THREE YEARS before Phil even came into office. Lyin' Phil is tryin' to take credit for other people's work!

So unless Phil has a time machine in his office, there is no way that he or his government were responsible for the treatment plant.

The worst part is that Phil has been telling this lie for years, even though people called him on it long ago.


Anonymous said...

soooo right before an election, the liberals promised to build a water treatment plant to try and save lloyd's seat? No surprise there.

And then the liberals failed to act on it whatsoever until Phil took the seat in 2008 and actually got it done? Also, no surprise there.

And the Liberals, without doing any research, without doing any consultations, and without doing any planning, were WAY off on the costs of this empty election pitch (it will actually cost 26 million to build a water treatment plant for six nations but for some reason they estimated it would cost 10?). No surprise there

So what did the liberals do for Six Nations? They wrote down in a press release that they would do something just before an election, and then did nothing. Sounds like Liberals. No surprise there. C'mon Jorge, you can do better than this

hahaha said...

rocky horror show, nice touch :D

fordian said...

Anonymous 10:58, thanks for your comment. While superficially convincing, your Conservative talking points fall flat. The funds were promised by a non-Conservative government in 2005. Most likely the funds were promised right before an election because the minority Liberals knew that a Conservative government doesn't care at all about aboriginal issues (which proved true, see: canceling the Kelowna accord and building mega-prisons) and made a last-minute promise to make sure that the people of Ohsweken could get drinking water.

But that's beside the point. The money was promised in 2005. The Conservatives took power in early 2006. They then dragged their heels for FIVE YEARS before the ground was broken on the project. Ask yourself: How long did it take ground to be broken on the Gretzky Centre renovation? On the Twin Pads arena? Then ask yourself if these projects, while important, are more important than a whole community being able to drink its water. And ask yourself how much Phil and Stephen really care about aboriginal issues.

Phil did not provide the funding. The most he contributed to the project was pretending to use a shovel at the groundbreaking photo op.

Here's a picture of the photo op:

blue unicorns and things said...

find me an aboriginal living in a reserve who is outright conservative and i will find you a blue unicorn!!!!

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