Friday, April 1, 2011

McColeman Speaks for Harper, Not You

Ever since day one people were worried about Phil McColeman being muzzled. They were worried that his boss Stephen Harper would control everything he said. Well looking at McColeman's voting record, it seems that he is just a puppet controlled by Harper.

McColeman voted 204 times in the House of Parliament since 2008. He dissented from the Harper line twice. That's 2 out of 204 times that McColeman voted differently than the rest of his party.

Is McColeman muzzled? 2 out of 204 is less than 1%. You be the judge.

[Ironically this isn't the first time we've seen Philnoccio the Puppet]


Anonymous said...

Jorge-this is where you lose all credibility notwithstanding your ridiculous comments that this is a nonpartisan site. Pop quiz, how many times did Lloyd break party ranks the last parliament? Much as most of us would rather have it otherwise, that is how it is. Just ask Justin Trudeau how his dad used to deal with those that broke ranks.

fordian said...

Don't know who "Jorge" is but I'll respond to this one for you.

As always maintained, this is not a website about Liberals, it's a website about Phil McColeman.

Phil McColeman is a crappy MP. Even if Lloyd St. Amand buffed Jean Chretien's shoes every day, Phil McColeman is still a crappy MP.

If Jane Stewart was a Russian spy and Derek Blackburn liked to torture kittens, Phil McColeman is still a crappy MP.

Pierre Trudeau hasn't been in office for over 25 years, so bringing that up is totally irrelevant.

Proposition: Phil McColeman is not a strong voice in Ottawa because Stephen Harper muzzles him. Phil's voting record supports this point.

Please disprove the proposition.

And keep the comments and debate coming :)

Political Informant said...

When it comes to breaking party ranks, this should happen a lot more than it does. No riding can agree (or disagree, when in opposition) to everything a government proposes. This will happen when our elected representatives start actually listening to their constituents and standing up for what they believe is best for their constituents. Thus is called democracy, not this psuedo-democratic dictatorship that we currently have.

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