Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who's telling the truth?

The Brantford Expositor asked all the candidates what most voters seem to be worried about. Here's the responses:
  • Lloyd St. Amand: Land Claims and Jobs
  • Marc Laferriere: Jobs and Healthcare
  • Nora Fueten: Healthcare, Partisanship, and Nuclear Power
  • Phil McColeman: Cost of an election
Three out of four candidates have something in common with another candidate. Those three also mention REAL policy issues.

And Phil McColeman? This is just more proof that he's living on another planet… or maybe not telling the whole truth.


Jimbo said...

Take it to the Green Party candidate to be closest to the the CPC. Greens are only claim partisanship as a problem because no other party cares what they have to say. And Phil's claim of cost of an election is the most partisan issue of all. Of course this election is expensive but his government was found to be in contempt of Parliament. CRIMINALS not only in the PMO (Carson) but the PM and his caucus as well. I for one welcome the chance to dump Phil, Stevie, and all the CPC despite the cost.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, in five years the Conservatives have increased government spending 30% faster than even the Ontario NDP government did in the early 90s and now I'm worried about the cost of an election.

Does Phil do all his door knocking on some kind of special street where he "hears" from "real" voters?

Anonymous said...

Wah wah wah, Phil let unemployment slip. Uhh, think that had anything do with the worldwide recession that caused unemployment in nearly every country in the world to plummit. If it wasn't for the strong leadership of Phil and the Conservative Party we would have never left this recession so strongly. I assume you won't post this cuz your a coward who is presenting one side of the argument but I'll write it anyway. The riding should pray Mr. McColeman gets re-elected.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous - They increased spending to pay for a stimulus package which kept our economy out of the dumps. Employment is at pre-recession numbers thanks very much to the strong leadership of the Conservative Party passing the stimulus package. Remember that one, the one the Liberals said was too small when they first made it then come election they said it was too big. They voted for it, now they are complaining about the deficit. The oppostion has done nothing but complain about everything - even stuff they voted for. There is only one party with the resolve and strong leadership needed to steer our country in the right direction. GO PHIL AND STEPHEN - I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR MAJORITY

fordian said...

What a great strategy: Credit everything good to Phil McColeman and blame everything bad on everybody else. Too bad it doesn't stand to reason.

The Conservatives walked into office with a massive budget surplus. Now we have a STRUCTURAL deficit (according to budget watchdog Kevin Page). That means that the deficit is entrenched beyond the effects of the recession. And Phil thinks we should spend $1bn on the G8 summit, $65bn on fighter jets, and countless billions on prisons for dumb on crime.

But "it's okay" because the Conservatives will balance the budget in 5 years. Right around the time that Phil will be driving a hovercraft on Neptune. Yeah right.

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