Friday, April 1, 2011

Phil Respects Taxpayers… APRIL FOOL'S!!

No doubt that during the election tons of great letters to the editor will be penned. Here's a gem from the Expositor:
Taxpayers on Hook for Conservative Ads

The Conservatives like to pretend that they didn't want an election but I'm not buying it. They had hoped to be defeated on a budget that was unacceptable to other parties because it was so misleading, but they were slapped in the face with a Contempt charge instead. If they didn't want or expect an election then why did I get campaign literature from McColeman in my mail box the very day the government fell, and why did I hear a barrage of radio ads all weekend trying to sell their 10 billion dollar tough on crime prison building scheme? The saddest thing of all in this though is that when Stephen Harper talks out of both sides of his mouth, we pay for it.

By Nic Coivert
The Conservatives have wasted TONS of taxpayer dollars on advertising. Those Economic Action Plan signs that sprouted up like dandelions cost $27 million (a whopping $800-$7,000 per sign!!). Since coming to office the Conservatives have spent $130 million on advertising. That money should have been spent on tax cuts or lowering the huge deficit. Even spending it on Kanye sunglasses would have been a better use. Phil has no respect for taxpayers!

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