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…does Phil focus on "Tough on Crime" instead of issues that really matter?

Why doesn't he talk about land claims? Why does he distract us from talking about the economy?

Phil McColeman Brant News

Phil's focus on "tough on crime" is embarrassing. He has embarrassed not only himself in Ottawa but also his Brant constituents. Phil has behaved like a buffoon talking about "tough on crime" while the crime rate has been dropping for decades.

Study after study has shown that "tough on crime" simply does not work. It is just another tactic designed to distract voters from the real issues. It is also very expensive, an example of the reckless spending that has characterized this Conservative administration.

"Tough on crime" is a joke, a multi-billion dollar joke. Does Phil really think that people in Brant are dumb enough to fall for it?

Phil McColeman policy on crime


Anonymous said...

The only criminals are the ones in Ottawa wasting taxpayer's money

Tammy said...

I think that Stephen Harper should focus more on giving youth opportunities so that they don't feel they have to go out and commit crimes. A lot of kids just commit crimes because they're bored. Harper could invest in community programming like sports and culture.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lloyd St Amand Campaign Team:

Canada's justice system is a joke and Conservatives are finally restoring some balance to it. Serious criminals actually get punished now, what a concept.

Crime rates are "down" because the population is getting older. Meanwhile, fewer and fewer crimes are actually being reported because people have no faith in our pathetic justice system that you liberals dismantled. Violent crime rates have risen over 300% in the last 30 years. The percentage of Canadians who fall victim to crime each year is steadily on the rise. Cities like Vancouver and Winnipeg are now described as more dangerous than most American jurisdictions.

But don't let this change your approach Lloyd. keep preaching lighter penalties for criminals and see how it works our for you.

fordian said...

Anonymous 12:20, thanks for your comment. In my post I hyperlinked some date from StatsCan (although we know what Conservatives think about statistics!). Anyway, if you do believe in the science of stats, consider this quote: "The homicide rate fell for the second year in a row, continuing a long-term decline that began in the mid-1970s." [].

"Fewer and fewer crimes are actually being reported." What basis do you have for this? I would like to see one. single. shred. of evidence. that supports your proposition.

Do you read? I suggest that you read some works from criminology. Nearly the entire field agrees that "tough on crime" doesn't deter criminals. See e.g. [].

And btw this blog is in no way associated with Lloyd or Nora or Mark, though any one of them would make a better MP than Phil.

Anonymous said...

Please ppl of Brantford dont vote for the captalist Stephen harper! VOTE NDP!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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