Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey Phil Where are the Jobs?

Looks like Harper the Economist still hasn't figured out how to run a country. Despite all those blue-and-green stimulus project signs, Brantford's unemployment rate hasn't improved since the recession:

When Phil was elected in 2008, unemployment was 5.9%. Within a year unemployment in Brant was 60% higher at 9.8% [source: StatsCan]. Coincidence?


Jimbo said...

Isn't Phil responsible for bringing over 4000 new McDonald's jobs to Canada?

I mean look at him, you know that Phil has had his break today and gotten more than has free smile at the counter this week.

Keep up the good work on pointing out Phil's hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

He stood up in the house and talked about Brant Screen Craft bringing 50 jobs to Brantford, but he didn't talk about Store image, which closed and put out 250 jobs, or ECP which is closing and losing 200 jobs, or any of the other business which have closed.

He stands up to take credit, but not blame.

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