Friday, April 15, 2011

Phil McHypocrite

Somebody call the waaahmbulance – Phil's been complaining about the cost of an "unnecessary" democratic election again:
"They're upset about having an election that's costing $300 million especially when it's the fourth election in seven years."
Well, Phil, let's crunch some numbers…
  • $300 million: Cost of an election.

It's extremely doubtful that Phil will address these numbers during our "unnecessary" election:


small-c conservative said...

In his first year as an MP Phil cost taxpayers $635,000 in salary and expenses.

When it comes to respecting taxpayer dollars this government certainly puts the Con in Conservative

Long Time Conservative said...

Hmmmmm. I normally vote Conservative but these numbers really put it into perspective for me. I think I'll be reconsidering who I vote for this election.

formerly conservative professional statistician said...

Phil sucks at math. He thinks eleventeen is a number. Dump him!

Anonymous said...

Still a waste of money for an unnecessary election brought on by the Liberals' belief that they have the "Divine Right" to be the government.

And why use the cost of the gun registry? Phil wants to scrap it (a savings) and a cost brought on by the Liberals.Criminals don't register their guns.

fordian said...

The criminal who crawls in your window at night doesn't register his gun. Nor does the criminal who is a member of an organized gang. But the husband who has a breakdown and threatens his wife probably would. That's when the registry is useful – and that is a much more common scenario for the average police officer than, say, a bank shootout. A cop on a call to a violent domestic situation can check the registry on her way over, and while not determinative, the registry could warn of a gun in the house.

There's good reason that the police chiefs of Canada support the gun registry. But if you know more about day-to-day policing than the police themselves, nothing this blog says will change your mind.

fordian said...

Long Time Conservative, I'm glad this blog has helped you with your decision. In a democracy it's important to have as much information as possible. Please share with your friends, and come back often.

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