Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Phil Shirks Responsibility… Again

Phil McColeman has insulted Brantford's hard-working city councillors by blaming them entirely for the cost overruns at the Gretzky Centre renovation.

As this blog has repeatedly stated, the cost overruns are almost entirely due to an unreasonably tight deadline on stimulus spending – a deadline implemented by the Conservative government. (For DumpPhil's past coverage of this issue, see "Phil's Pointless Promise",  "Gretzky Centre Over Cost Because of Phil!",  and "Conservative government costs Brantford millions in wastePHIL spending")

When will Phil man up and take responsibility??


mauser98 said...

Phil McColeman, a whole lot better than Trudeau luvin' St.Almand. Iggy bought tickets for a flight back to Harvard today. say bye bye.

fordian said...

Thanks for the insightful comment, mauser98.

peacenik said...

"Phil McColeman, a whole lot better than Trudeau luvin' St.Almand."

Better a bleeding heart than none at all

c.clark said...

Mauser, is 98 supposed to represent how stupid you are on a scale of 100?
If so, you might be selling yourself short.

mauser98 said...

Illyich Layton and his Bolshevik horde are at the gate rallied to rape and pillage. thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

This is a very mean website. It saddens me that someone has put so much energy into being so utterly cruel.
You are entitled to your own political opinion, but there is no need to be unkind aboout it.

fordian said...

I don't see how we're being unkind. It's a blog critiquing Phil McColeman's performance. We use humour to keep the reading interesting. We're obviously not going to photoshop Phil cuddling up to a pile of kittens.

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