Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gretzky Centre Over Cost Because of Phil!

Phil was super-happy to brag all about the pork-barrel funding of the Gretzky Centre construction (in conjunction with Dave Levac). But the Harper government made an unreasonable deadline for using the money so that they could look good before an election. The deadline was eventually moved back, but the process had already been sped up. The shortened timeframe forced costs higher, and this was coupled with a bottleneck of contractors across Canada working on pork-barrel projects in Conservative-held ridings.

Pretty bad planning from a man who brags about being a contractor. Here's a replay of the Conservatives' moronic move:


Anonymous said...

I think it's good that we got money for the Gretzky center but why doesn't anybody consider the debt that all this is racking up

Anonymous said...

Man what a stretch. Phil got the money for this project but the design and cost estimates were done by the city staff and changes were made on the fly that affected the cost.All cost overruns are strictly the staff and council's fault, not Phil's. Why do you think that the department head who was responsible was let go? Not Phil's doing at all. But don't let real facts get in the way of your obvious personal hare for Phil.

fordian said...

There were also external changes – like every stimulus project in Canada booking up all the contractors and driving the costs up. Ask Richard Carpenter. While there may have been other factors raising the costs, you can't deny that the unreasonably tight deadline for spending the money was one of them.

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