Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Harper to Visit Hamilton Behind Closed Doors

Phil tweeted today:

Phil definitely has the ear of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Harper gave Phil a whole 3 days' notice that he was visiting near Brant.

More disturbingly, Harper is not willing to meet with the public at large. What kind of elected official is scared to meet with the public that she or he represents? It doesn't seem too democratic. You have to pre-register to go to the event. It reminds one of the last time Harper visited Brantford, where members of the general public were turned away at the gates of Patriot Forge.

However those who do manage to get approved for the event still run the risk of being thrown out on the street, as the plight of this young student shows.


Anonymous said...

Dear "fordian"
You are entitled to your opinion, I would support your freedom to express your opinion even (and especially) when I don't share it.
However, being critical of one for operating behind "closed doors" when you are operating behind "closed doors" (not revealling your identity) isn't that a contradiction? - it sounds like you're saying "Do I say, not as I do."
If you openly criticize (which is important) in a civil society then it would be common curtesy to reveal your identity.
Chris Cattle
Glen Morris, ON

fordian said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comment. As always feedback is appreciated. Your criticism is logically unsound for a number of reasons. Most notably, I am not asking people to elect me as their political representative in the House of Commons. Phil and Stephen Harper are. They have a duty to meet with people publicly. I do not.

Secondly, I am in fact not operating behind closed doors because anybody in the world can read this blog and comment on it. I am simply keeping my identity secret. On the other hand, Phil mails around pamphlets with his face plastered to them, and Stephen Harper poses in ridiculous ways for the camera all the time .

It seems much easier for you to attack the source of this information than to attack the content. We use hyperlinks to authenticate the source of our info, so that you can trust our posts. I recommend that you concentrate on the actual ideas in this blog rather than the anonymity issue.

Finally, I assure you that NONE of the Brant candidates are in any way involved with this blog. They are too polite for that, with the exception of Phil McColeman. Dump Phil is an independent effort.

fordian said...

p.s. for photos of Stephen Harper posing in ridiculous ways, see this funny blog: http://thingsharperdoestoseemhuman.tumblr.com/

Puzzled Paul said...

Mr. Chris Cattle,

Do you believe that because the author/authors of this blog don`t use their real names that it`s:
a) okay for Mr. McColeman to put his email adress on the Canadian flag
b) okay for Mr. McColeman to spam everyone`s mailbox with intellectually insulting flyers and spending thousands of our dollars on it?

Brantford Bob said...

And c) Okay for someone who hopes to represent all canadians as our Prime Minister to choose selectively who gets to attend his rallies and ask him questions?

Jimbo said...

I'm pretty sure that I saw Don Cherry on the news use the word pinko - does that mean I now have communist connections and therefore Phil and Steve won't have me at their rally? Would they tell me in advance or let me show up and throw me out embarrasingly in front of media and my community members?

If this isn't the kind of Canada you want, I agree we need to Dump PHIL

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